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To The Side

Endeavour and Bugzilla!

The folks at mission control at the Endeavour launch yesterday had PRACA available to them. which is based on Bugzilla. My company, Everything Solved supported NASA on this project, through the San Jose State University Foundation. I'm excited that we were able to help out with the shuttle project, and that our software will continue to be used by the agency for the International Space Station and the future Constellation missions! :-)

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I can see it now...

Bug 12345 -- Launch first Orion flight. a=retro, a=flight, a=guidance, a=control, a=telcom, a=GNC, a=EECOM, a=surgeon.

Re: I can see it now...

Hahahaha! Yes, for sure!! :-) They actually use flags for things somewhat like that, too. :-)


actually this isn't a first

the bugzilla.org site lists the Goddard Space Flight Center as using Bugzilla for years now: http://itos.gsfc.nasa.gov/~bugzilla/

Re: actually this isn't a first

Yes, but in a much more limited capacity. PRACA and IFI are agency-wide systems.