Max (avatraxiom) wrote,

Why Is Mozilla Legitimizing Your Mom?

This is a very serious question, and it seems a number (at least 0) of people agree:

Why is Mozilla legitimizing your mom?

Mozilla clearly relies on your mom for services like doing the occasional laundry and making dinner when you go over to her house, and yet clearly your mom stands for everything that Mozilla doesn't. I mean, let's look at the points:

  • Your mom is clearly closed-source.
  • Your mom only has proprietary, biological interfaces.
  • The traditional, uniform, standards-based lifeform is the monocell. Your mom is practically the opposite of a monocell.
  • Mozilla provides most of its services over the Internet, but your mom's services are not available over the Internet. In fact, your mom's services aren't even publicly available.

I wonder what the Mozilla Foundation could do with the funds that your mom has received?

So, the question is: why is Mozilla legitimizing your mom?


P.S. This is a joke that, for the most part, only people subscribed to mozilla.governance will fully get.

Tags: bugzilla

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