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Warning: Major Bugzilla Security Release Coming Soon

A major security issue has been discovered in versions of Bugzilla back to 3.0. We will be releasing a version of Bugzilla which fixes the issue within 48 hours (possibly within 24 hours), and all administrators should be ready to perform the upgrade (which does not require any database changes) shortly after the new version is released.

If you do not wish to do a full upgrade, patches for just the security issue will be available. The patches are relatively small and do not modify very much of Bugzilla.



Import/export featureson Bugzilla

Is there a easy way to import bugs into Bugzilla? Let say I have 3 new bugs on system A and I want import this 3 new bugs to system B, both system run version 3.4.2

Thanks You,

Re: Import/export featureson Bugzilla

Hey there. The best place to ask that question would be the support-bugzilla mailing list, described here: