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Fixing HCI Bugs in Bugzilla

Guy Pyrzak led a bunch of Carnegie-Mellon students in conducting some HCI research on Bugzilla, and they came up with extensive and detailed results.

I have been working on filing bugs in response to their results. I haven't finished filing all the bugs yet, but if you want to follow along with the issues as they are filed and fixed, you can watch the tracking bug I filed to keep track of all the usability issues discovered during the research. Some of them are minor issues that now already have patches awaiting review. Some of them are larger issues that will require work over time to fix. But I am committed to seeing them all fixed as we move forward.

We've fixed Bugzilla's backend pretty well, now. It's time to focus some on the front end.

Anybody who wants to help, please do. Any of the bugs that block the tracking bug and are assigned to "Nobody", you are welcome to take and work on yourself.

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