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New Default Bugzilla Workflow?

I have proposed that Bugzilla have a new default status workflow. I wrote my reasoning in a message on the mozilla.dev.planning newsgroup, originally as an argument for a workflow that Mozilla should move to, but I think that it covers the basic bug-fixing process sufficiently well as to apply to all organizations, and thus should be the default.

I'd welcome constructive feedback, even just statements of agreement. Note that I said "constructive" feedback, not insults or rudeness, which I will most likely just ignore. :-)

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bugzilla workflow

So we've only been using Bugzilla for about a year now at PCF. As as QA I completely prefer it to other bug systems I've used in the past. However I have to disagree with the proposed changes.

I think a good basic flow is this: NEW -> ASSIGNED -> RESOLVED -> VERIFIED

I would keep NEW - I like to look at an email w/o reading it and know that it is a new bug from the subject of the email. We don't use Confirmed / Unconfirmed because either it gets confirmed and sent to a target, it's ignored and therefore still new, or it's resolved as a dupe, or invalid or whatever.

In our workflow - ASSIGNED is when a developer accepts responsibility for a bug that has been assigned to him and has accepted it into his work queue. Useful to me as QA, because I know the dev is aware of the bug and planning to fix it.

Then the bug gets FIXED and is (should be) VERIFIED after it is built.

Reopened -> should be an action not a state that sends a bug to NEW. Then QA can evaluate if it goes back to the original dev, or someone else taking on that issue.

Re: bugzilla workflow

You will still know that a bug is new from the subject of the email. The "New: " word on the subject line of the email has nothing to do with the status of the bug.

When a developer is assigned a bug, what would make you think that they wouldn't be aware of it or accept it? Bugzilla sends emails to asssignees, and you can see that it sent an email to that engineer. An engineer who is not willing to fix a bug can reset the assignee to the default, or we may make it possible to have bugs assigned to Nobody.